MILWAUKEE M18 18V Lithium-Ion 6-Port Sequential Battery Charger


SKU: 48-59-1806

The Milwaukee 48-59-1806 is a M18 Sequential 6 Port Charger. The charger holds up to 6 batteries at a time, and charges them sequentially, one at a time. The charger also offers a compact design, integrated hang holes for vertical mounting, and a pass through plug to conserve outlet space. The new unit will charge M18 compact batteries in 30 minutes, and extended capacity (XC) batteries in 60 minutes. With this new six pack charger, users can reduce the amount of time spent changing out batteries, increasing productivity on the jobsite.

  • Charges up to six batteries sequentially
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Pass through plug
  • Compact size
  • Charge time: 48-11-1815 - 30 minutes, 48-11-1820 45 minutes, 48-11-1828 60 minutes, 48-11-1840 90 minutes